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About “Gwinnett Business Radio”


Each week from the Subaru of Gwinnett studio, host Mike Sammond interviews the area’s top business leaders to learn what makes them the best at what they do.

Gwinnett Business Radio is presented by Regus, the home of the Business RadioX studio in Duluth. Regus at Satellite Place boasts private, shared and guest office suites, virtual offices and corporate meeting rooms.

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Our Featured Shows

On this week’s episode of “Wealth Matters”, hosts Craig Frankel and Millie Baumbusch discuss “Will or Trust: What is the Best Estate Planning Document for You?”. Guests include Loraine DiSalvo, Partner at Morgan DiSalvo, and Melissa Walker, Partner at Salo Walker. ABOUT MELISSA WALKER Melissa is a partner with the firm of Salo & Walker … [more]

On this episode of “Strategic Insights Radio“, host and CEO of Sterling Rose Consulting Corp Vlad Rusz discusses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, how to properly use them, and the risks and rewards of using the proper CRM solution. VLAD RUSZ/STERLING ROSE CONSULTING CORP Sterling Rose Consulting Corp is a Gwinnett County, GA based company that provides … [more]

David White/The Detour Program The DETOUR program is designed to assist adolescents as they attempt to navigate through middle school, high school and all of the challenges that come with that process. It is a transition program with two distinct tracts; The Alternate Route is a diversion program and “My Life” is a prevention program. … [more]

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